MythTV and divx/xvid

Ok…. these 2GB recordings are startign to get on my nerves now especially when u know you can get them into smaller sizes with divx.xvid.

I tried to transcode but that just seemd to move the file from 2.1GB to 1GB.. still not acceptable.. nope. It converts it to nupplevideo?? i think that is the name cause I just see a new file type in my DIR that has a *.nuv extension.
I’m going to try and use nuvexport and see how i fear with that. I need to try out the abilty to cut out the commercials see how good it does that.
I must add though i’m loving my MythTV… i just need to get teh radio aspect of it working and also fine tune my remote for some of the key bindings.

Ohh well i’ll keep you guys posted.


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