Mythtv: ffmpeg slooooww

Ok i finally have ffmpeg compiled from source and nuvexport ready to go. Yesterday i spent most of the flippin evening trying to get these tign to work.. nuvexport would just end up telling me:

Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.

After seeing that blasted line for a few hours I just decided to give it a break an head to bed.

As per usual with computer things once u leave it and come back to something STRANGE seems to always happen. Nuvexport work?!?!?!?! One thing i have noticed tough is that the shit slow.. I don’t know if it’s my P4 1.8Ghz machine with just 384MB Ram but over 3hrs to encode to xvid/divx? FPS is only like 3FPS !!!

I do like how nuvexport picks out what shows I have recorded 😀 
(P.S. the Virgin show is just a encoding test hehehe) As i say that how long will it take for a 45min show?!??! this one here is only like 20mins?!?!

No sah!!!!!!!!! Sumting MUST wrong. I’ll have to google and see what is what.


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