iFolder kapoot?!?!?

Why is my iFolder not allowing me to login? Neither the admin or user i created. I forgot to blog that I found out the file you have to edit to be able to run simias-server-setup so it can configure setup. (later on i’ll update with the file name)

Since after running  simias-server-setup I have not been able to login.. arrrghhhh… I haven’t really researched it to much as to what changes simias-server-setup really does but sooner or later i’ll figure it out. Just not right this minute.

3 Responses to “iFolder kapoot?!?!?”

  1. so it does seem that the simias setup lines that you skipped were necessary, because remember users were unable to upload files dunno if it had anything to do with that. i sadly haven’t gotten ifolder to work got annoyed took a break and i haven’t gone back to it yet. i wil leventually tho.

  2. No, it was working BEFORE I ran the simias-server-setup. After i finally got it it run POOF it gone.

  3. its obviously wrong tho. cause it would work. but as you pointed out its the cvs that we trying to run.

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