Ok I’ve installed BIND a few times and think i’m pretty good with it. Why is it that when i did mydns i had problems?? First of all i don’t think i was truly comprehending what I needed to do. To be honest i think i wanted to do to much to fast…. I think I even started to bother igodit with some questions.

Right now i’m using vmserver (which is free btw) install CentOS on this machien virtually so i can get familiar with it.

2 Responses to “MyDNS”

  1. I wanna try centos myself, but dunno if my notebook can manage running a virtual ne thing.. looks like another laptop upgrade is in order and this time this upgrade is gonna be full fledged i mean top of the line ere thing. if i could get that mac g4 that’ld be great too cuase i’m sure there’s a mac version of each disto.

    btw, the dns yo uset up on your system there’s no real usage for it right you just did it for saying i learn it. cause i cant get why you’ld wanna set up a dns on your personal ubuntu install.. your only running 1 server. via a dyndns which is handled by the dyndns website (binding the ip to the hostname) so…. yo uget what I’m asking right.

  2. Nope you have it all wrong (PS u asked me this before also 😀 )
    The reason why I have my own dns is because I do not want to have to remember bunch of machine IP addresses on my LAN.

    eg. A friend comes over plugs his laptop/desktop into my lan, he wants to get some things off of my network.. instead of giving a bunch on IP addresses I just give him the different machine names for the PC’s on my network.

    My personal DNS would translate those machine names into the specific IP address they have been assigned from my DHCP.

    I’m running one server but with different services (apache,ftp,dhcp, etc…)

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