Car needed… BADLY!!

BTW not sure if I blogged it BUT I am now a Sytems Support Engineer for a new telecommunications company here in Jamaica…. FLOW (Watch, Talk, Click). I started this job on Monday July 31, 2006.. I’ve been happy about ever since. I’ve always wanted to get back into a job where it never really felt like a job… that has only happened to me once really in my 30 years. To be able to be doing something that you LOVE and get PAID is priceless… On that day i don’t think anything could really of gotten me down… well except for my father’s attitude but that is another story.

What is going to get on my nerves REAL quick is not having any wheels.. grrrr… Now i basically have to take2 buses to get to work and 2 buses to get home. That’s $200 a day just for transport alone.. not even talking about food yet. I can see that Tastee’s/Juicy Beef Patties shall become real close once again.

Hopefully within the next 6months i can get a decent little  ride so i shall hold out unitl then. I’m wondering if i’ll be able to get a VW again… I so loved the 2 VW’s I had in the past. So after this month i think that is going to be my gooal.. SAVE FOR A CAR!!!


One Response to “Car needed… BADLY!!”

  1. Yes yute. Congrats. You are working at the rival to my company. Insider trading? J/K we are going to give you a run for your money.
    Wheels are important. Priority one for me too. After that then move out.

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