So long p910….

My Sony Ericsson p910 shall soon be leaving me. No fault of it’s own, but times change ppl change…. phone change. All is not lost though… I shall be getting a BETTER phone. To me a better phone all round when compared to my once glorified p910. It shall be the …. (symphony plays lightly in the backround) …. the Qtek 9100 with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. What i’m selling the p910 for i think is a steal!!! PLus the added accessories i’m selling with it.

Silicone Case, 512MB Memory Stick Duo, 2 EXTRA pen stylus, Screen protectors (about 5) and even an extra charger! Imagine that. And the phone is still in pristine condition just very MINOR scratches. So yea i think the guy is getting a rass good deal. p910 Giveaway

Here is a closer look of the p910 and the the Home it was in majority of thetime i’ve had it.

p910 and Coffin

I’ve had Palm, Symbian (UIQ) and even Windows CE … I must say at one time Palm One was the BOMB .. but we must admit.. it is droppign off a shape now. Yes there are alot of apps for it.. BUT they are not recent ones. After using all of these i must say i prefer the windows programs dem. Well within the next couple of hours my new phone shall be in my hands….

I shall have some picks of the going away party of for the p910 shortly later tonight (hopefully) To immortalize my memories of it 😀

One Response to “So long p910….”

  1. where are the pic! where are the pics..

    and where is its successor.

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