Slacking off….

Doing it BIG time!!!! As i stated a couple days ago i have barely walked since i got the job. That is a shame…. cause things were going soooo well with the constant walking.

It really is dethough…. take this one day for example:

I have to walk home Thursday evening, which is up a hill approx 1 mile from the base, Usually i would walk up this hill almost effortlessly but with a good damn sweat but laaaawwddd that evening walking up the hill i felt like shit. All i could thing of is damn i feel like this just after ONE week of inactivty?!?! Come on man this can’t be right… can it?? At  one point i was going to my bed early and waking up early to go go walk. NOPE not anymore… by the time i get home there is so much shit i want to do i cant go to my bed that early!!!! I’m goign to have to though.. i hate feeling like this.

To make matters worse where i know work the lunch spts in the surrounding  area are EXPENSIVE!!!! (when u think about them long term, albeit most of them are fast food also) I think i’m going to do what i use to do when i was back in the states living on my own… making food from home and bringing it in. Which i can do when i get my own stove.

RASSSSS!!!!! I can’t do that that’ll be just more load for me on the bus and on the way up the hill. ARRGRHH.. the more reason to get a damn car


One Response to “Slacking off….”

  1. home cooked food is the best food

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