Been a few days…

Yea i still haven’t started back the walking…. with the rain and shit (yea it does sound like a excuse don’t??). Well even if i want to or not i’m going to at least start walking up the hill. My others means of transport has been sold.. so i can no longer make aphone call and ask someone to pick me up at the hill foot.

I’ve wanted to blog every now and then but every time i came in front of the PC there was something else for me to do. When ur busy yuh busy :D.

I notice I’m really not using my MythTV that much…. I think it’s mainly because my cable video quality isn’t all that great. To convert it to DivX/Xvid will take to long… so basically i wait a few hours and download the show which already has the commercials taken out. I guess MythTV was a project i did just to say “Yea, I did that!!!”


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