New Setup

Some ppl may be thinking that’s I’ve neglected my PC’s but rest assured I have not. Just haven’t really been able to do to much with with them. A few things I need, or should I say WILL do is setup LDAP on my little machine, Andromeda, with Samba along with NFS. Igodit has a working NFS setup, I’m not sure how it’s running… but i want one to :D. All together I have 3 machines in my room with another PC upstairs NFS would make certain things a little easier when talking about sharing files between the 4 machines.

Also need to figure out why my ifolder installation is no longer letting me loggin, but it’s not that important to me still (well not right now that is). One main issue I have with using this small machine is that fact that I currently have to use a USB Nic card which is slower than a regular PCI NIC. With using TorrentFlux right now though i guess the lower speed in using the USB is something I can live with.

I want to really try and at least get the LDAP/SAMBA PDC up and runnign again by Monday the latest.


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