Wow……Initial D

I’ve awlays heard about this anime a few years ago but i just never paid it any mind. Mainly because i’m not a car enthusiasts and figured this anime had NOTHING for me. BOWY mi did wrong… BIG TIME!!! Here is very brief synopsis of what this anime is about:

Fujiwara Takumi looks just like any ordinary 18 year old. He and his best friend Natsuki have just got their driving licenses, but unlike most teenagers his age Takumi hates driving and racing altogether (much to the surprise of his friends). However, when the leader of the Akina Speed Stars is involved in an accident, Takumi is forced to replace him in a downhill race against the renowned Red Suns. Exhibiting unparalleled skill that amazes even the best of the Red Suns, Takumi wins the race…with his father’s tofu delivery car. What is the reason for Takumi’s skill? How does his father factor into the equation? Can Takumi actually be the best racer in the whole of Japan? How many more racer-wannabes is this anime going to spawn? — taken from THEM Anime Reviews 4.0

I guess it was boredom and no anime to watch why i even started to watch this thing… I’m glad i did though. Takumi is just CLUELESS about cars, he just delivers the tofu for his family business and that is it he has no interest in cars or racing. Takumi doesn’t think his driving is anything special, he just drives the best he can to get home as soon as possible after delivering tofu for his dad. Check this though to make sure he doesn’t destroy the tofu he has to…….. (ok I think i’m saying to much.. don’t wont to give to much of the sotry away. 🙂 ) The drawing for this anime is kind of mixed… characters are hand-drawn and take some getting use to.. while the cars/races are computer rendered animation (which is nice I must say). Like the synopsis says above Takumi has unparallel skill when he is behind the wheel. Just to spoil it a little let me explain how this CLUELESS this guy is and how heends up racing for the first time. Stated earlier i said that Takumi has no interest in cars and racing right?? True. To get him to race his father offers to lend him the car, Truena AE86, with a FULL tank of GAS… yep.. a full tank of GAS for a date he is supposed to have with new girl-fren. As long as Takumi beats Nakazato down Mt. Akina he gets the car and full tank of gas. After this race though a racing god is born and a whole slew of interesting encouters happen.

Some may say this aniem is just for racing fans but it’s not. It has it’s comedic and romance side to to it. Itsuki, Takumi’s best fren, was the first character that drew mi into Initial D with his goofy manner and expressions. Itsuki and some other frens of Takumi’s just have NO luck with ladies seeing how they handle the particualr situations that arises is just whimsical.

One Response to “Wow……Initial D”

  1. You just start watch initial D… you suck yute, cho and me deh yah a wait pan stage 5 fi release :D. Welcome to the world of drifting Yatta

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