iPod dying??

Ok.. I’m @ work and igodit has a vmx of OS X, a flippin 1.3GB file that when expanded it takes up over 6GB’s worth of space!!! So i plug in my use-to-be trustworthy ipod and BAM all is ee is the apple log and this flipping thing Sad ipod. I google like crazy for 20-30 mins to see what is the fix for this ting, reset reforamt, change to disk mode etc…. I tried to do ALL of that but i still end up with that damn icon on the Pod. I’m upset about 2 things now… iPod seems to  have be out of order and now i’m unable to copy over the vmx file for OS X Tiger :-(.

I go home try all the steps again ask a fellow gio fren who has a newer pod if he has any clue he sent me to iLounge which wasnt that much helps since all the articles i wante dto see were archived and it seemsd  liek the archiver wasn’t working BUT it did get me to searching for tips again.  Imagine this.. i came across one that said he slapped his a few times and tried the sad icon thing again…. BAM it went into disc mode. So u know DAMN well i was like what the frig?!?!?!?! I was on the verge to buy Profound’s Zen Vision:M becasue my iPod was on the fritz.

I shouldn”t complain too much casue I never spent the money.

Pod be very careful.. I’m keeping my eye on u..  ANY wrong move for a prolonged period of time WHAM!!!! yuh gone.. You can easily be replaced.

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