American Idol: Ruben

Ok I like Ruben Studdard, i watched that season when he won it over Clay Aiken it was a class ass call. Ruben was comapred to the likes of Luther Vandross and also picked up the name  “Velvet Teddy Bear”. His hit song “Sorry 2004”  was his only real big R&B hit.

Two albums and a law suit later he’s back with a 3rd album The Return due for release on September 26, 2006. Let me say his first album to me wasnt that great only 2 maybe 3 decent songs. He was all over the musical genre place…. BUT it seems liek he has come back to roots…. YAAAYYYY!!!!!! He’s even collaborating with the likes of Ne-Yo. I hope this album is good…. yea Clay is good and not taking anythign from the man.. BUT come on Ruben get ur shit together.


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