Hmmm….. VMware for windows?

No catchy title tonight. Can’t really think of any.

Work still going on good…. I’m learning new stuff everday, but I must say some times it is slightly boring but hey which job isn’t at soem point in time. There are a few projects i’m working on that are giving me headaches but i’ll get over it.

I just got a new 250GB SATA HD i’m about to put in and take out the 120GB that i currently have. I decided I’ll give my mother the 120 and take out the 30GB she have in there now.

Another thing i’m thinking about doing is to make Dapper take most of the space and just install Windows XP in a VMware. Yea yeah yeah…. VMware is really a god send.. I’m surprised i never really used it before. Oh yeah i know why… never had the system resources to handle it….. NOW i do hehehehe.

So the next time i write in this blog… i SHOULD hav my new HD up and running.


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