1/2 way done

Ok.. I decided to stil install WinXP on my desktop (BlAcKtOwEr) Gave it 40GB out of the 250GB…. May just make it smaller depending on how the VMWare WinXP works out. Main reason why i still chost to install is that u REALLY never know when u may really need to use windows for some reason.

I got the Edgy Knot 2 ISO, and burnt it like 12:30 this morning.. ran it but for some reason never went through the installation fully. I guess deep down i wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. This morning as i reached worked i decided to do a little more research I found this wiki telling some of the new features in Knot2.

As I’m looking through the list I see a few things i like, the addition of TomBoy, GNOME 2.16 beta 2, Gaim 2.0 beta 3.1, X.org 7.1 and a few others that don’t really matter to me. I’ve always liked Tomboy, the oNLY thing i dont like with Tomboy is the abillity to backup or import/export ur notes to other machines. Maybe they have changed that…. we’ll see. Gaim beta not that big of deal since i founda repo with the deb files.

AS I’m writing this i’m really at a crossroads to which *nix distro i’m going to install…. Dapper, Edgy or Etch?!?!?! I know i can go to Dapper and redo all the shit i’ve done and it’ll work; If i chose any of the others i’ll prob have to work on some shit to get thhings working i would like. I think the main reason why i would try Etch though is that EVERYONE is using Ubuntu right now…. I guess i want to be SLIGHTY different from the norm. I don’t want to deviate to much from -debain-based system though.. i LUV apt-get. We’ll see though.. I have a few hours to make up my mind.

ARRRRGHHHH choices!!!!


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