Dapper….. WHY?!?!?!

Ok…. I tried the Edgy Etch Knot2 CD; nope not going to work. I installed it but the installation just never really seemed like it was ready at ALL, if that wasn’t enough after it was installed and i rebooted the system…. I recieved 2 errors something about “can’t find init” and soem other shit. So i was liek you know what I REALLY can’t bother with any headaches right now. So i just popped in my Dapper and moved forward.

Well I thought it would’ve been moving forward 😦 I ended up TRYING to install Dapper liek 4 times last night and once early this morning. Most of the installs all stopped at the same point “Installing GRUB”. Just a little tidbit about  my machine I have 2 * 250GB SATA hardrives. WinXP has a 40GB NTFS partition SMACK in the front of the drive and the rest is designated for the various linux partitions. On my way to work this morning i was trying to figureout WHY this shit wasn’t working….. but I think I may have come up with an idea. Grub wants to install on the MBR… BUT the MBR is a NTFS partition sooooo I think it had problems with that. Or maybe it was trying to boot beyond the 1024cylinder mark :-/ Does that really matter now adays?
Resolution: Use partititon magic and move the windows partition over about 10GB’s and put my root (/) and swap partition in the front of the drive.

Well later on tonight i’ll blog what I ended up doing.

3 Responses to “Dapper….. WHY?!?!?!”

  1. Nope, master boot record doesn’t depend on your file system type. It reside in a special location of your hard disk. Separate from any partitions. So MBR is NOT an NTFS partition. That couldn’t have been it.

    1024 cylinder limit doesn’t matter these days. So that’s not it either.

    Putting root and swap partition to the front doesn’t really matter. Grub is smart enough to boot from an installed partition anywhere in the disk.

    Looks like you’ve hit a reproducable bug since it stops in the same exact point. Have you tried with a different Dapper CD? May be the CD has some defect?

  2. seems everybody has linux trouble right about now.. i cant wait for the clock to touch 4:30 so i can sort out my notebook.. 1 full format comming up.

  3. hybercube…. as you say it. I can slowly remember all that yu said is correct.
    Two things i’m thinking may be the problem now….
    1. Is 2 SATA drives but with NO raid. Can teh kernel really handle a SATA drive as a master? I’ve read real quick that it may have issues.

    2. I may jsut try another DVD

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