$4 million for a study??

Taylor pointed this out to me this morning as I reached worked, Study to decide if Jamaicans are addicted to gambling WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? Do we really need this study done? $4 million dolllars to tell us something we already know…. take Supreme Ventures Lottoa look at how many ppl play Lotto and it counterparts, head over to Supreme Ventures and see the various amounts of different ‘games’ you can play. Trust me people play them, it doesn’t matter WHERE in society you come from you’ll see all types of people in the line to buy them ticket.

There are SOOOOO many different things the Jamaican goverment can be using that money for why waste it to see if Jamaicans are additced to gambling? To see if were are following the ‘international trend‘.


2 Responses to “$4 million for a study??”

  1. so it go. waanty waanty caan getty 😦

  2. Yep. That is how wealthy our government is.

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