No Compiz

After all the shit I went through to get my machine back up an runnign itilll fall into snags. grrrr…

I’m installing xgl/compiz so i do….. sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl compiz-gnome cgwd cgwd-themes csm I end up with:

Package cgwd is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package cgwd has no installation cadidate

for cgwd cgwd-themes and also csm . I’m here scouring the net to find out what is wrong, bad repos, typo, etc. Trust me i’ve been looking for a good 2 hours now…. nada!!!!! I even got the deb files and tried to install those…. nada once again.
In the back of my head i was thinking about beryl and it’s upcoming release date?!?! That maybe since beryl’s release will be soon they are doing something to the repos…. SO SAID SO DONE!!! I headed over to them irc channel #ubuntu-xgl on and DBO answered my question here is a snippet of the convo:

<[Yatta]> quick question is csm still in the repos???
<[Yatta]> i get E: Package csm has no installation candidate
<DBO> no its not
<nanotaboada> i endorse Yatta’s question since i’m trying to install xgl/compiz on dapper without much luck
<[Yatta]> i get compiz-gnome
<[Yatta]> but nothing else
<DBO> well the short answer is just wait for beryl to be released…
<DBO> it wont be long… hopefully…

Sooo after a few hours of searching what did a accomplish????? A flippin headache!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “No Compiz”

  1. there’s this old saying.. its gonna really hit you right now too. a day late a dollar too short.. haha.. it waws just yesterday that i installed my compiz set up and had it running properly or was it wednesday.. point is.. you tried it today and it was gone like an nsync sone… soo gone… dont worry bout it compiz really dont add nothing productive to your coputer it just look cool…

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