Taking a ride on the Wild Side!!!!

Ok.. not sure what came over me but I decided to give Edgy a try. Why not?? I was using Dapper about 2 months before it was final. Well I changed sources.list file did a sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade the whole proccess had me download 444mb in 1h9m53s (106kB/s) (yea i have a measly 1mb 😦 )  I came across a few snags like  i had to remove firefox because i was getting some error message during the installation of the downloaded packages.

As I write this i think my main reason to really try  Edgy was/is because of Beryl….. yes beryl. Beryl is the for of compiz that is driving the *nix world mad right now. Alot of ppl are willing to give linux try because it can look so pretty.

Well I’m not quite finish as et.. but of course you guys will kow when i am :D.. lata


One Response to “Taking a ride on the Wild Side!!!!”

  1. dont push him cause he’s close to the edddggeeee.. i’m not that brave cause i only got 1 lapotp so… if i kill it with edgy (mess up my ubuntu set up) then i’m screwed i could try it in another partition tho.. hmmmm

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