Beryl up and running… finally

Beryl Logo (beta)Ok.. it took me a couple of days to get this thing up and running. It had mi cussing like mad Monday night. The upgrade to Edgy like I’ve stated before wasnt that bad.. no major problems there BUT decided I needed to install Beryl.

Beryl is a fork of compiz, and a collection of other tools to go along with it.
CSM has become Beryl Settings Manager (beryl-settings)
CGWD has become Emerald, with its companion emerald-theme-manager.

I can not tell a lie though i like this ravishing looking combiniation of window manager and compositing manager. It really brings ur desktop to life…. Yea it may not really be too productive BUT hey ur shit looks nice and u don’t need a newPC with the latest hardware to run it. BUT you do need patience… ohh yes u need patience.

One of the things that was messing me up with my xorg installation was the kernel I was using and the new nvidia drivers…. dem nuk like one another. To be honest i don’t know exactly WHAT was the issue i just know that when my system booted up and GDM is supposed to start I just see a blank black screen.. a blank screen with no mouse pointers. Since I only saw that screen i was here thinking that the system hung or something….. NOPE I was able to ssh into the box from my other machines and twiddle with a few thigns there.

After hanging around the #ubuntu-xgl channel on and getthing some help from Amaranth, lupine_85 and totalnewb I was able to get everything up and running. I started emerald-theme-manager and picked a theme and checked some other settings. I then went and selected -Reload Window Manager…. I was greated with a splash screen that looked something like this Beryl Splash Screen when it was started but waving like flag a in the wind. I’ll post some pics later on when i reach home. I need to fiddle around with some of the settings some more.. but i must say i like what i see.


3 Responses to “Beryl up and running… finally”

  1. um.. use your mda and record a video and upload it for download with your photobucket account cuase i wanna see how much cooler that the plain compiz this is.. its just a fork of so it should be the same.. but they probably spruced it up a bit.. congrats on getting it working.. living on the wildside alot aren’t we lol.

  2. Beryl? The only Beryl I know is my grandaunt.

  3. lol.. leon.. use the Information… Technology… use it.. use the os… linux… use it.. learn it love it.

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