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Dub Audio

Posted in Dub on Monday, October 30, 2006 by Yatta

Right now in my dub I have a normal car radio… that just not going to do!! I’m thinking about getting the Pioneer DEH-8600MP which i think i basically like igodit‘s but without the bluetooth.
of course i will need the CD-IB100 II for my ipod. Can’t have a decent car audio system without an ipod nowadays… :D.
Hopefully this can happen before Christmas… We’ll see

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This weekend SUCKED!!!!!

Posted in General on Sunday, October 29, 2006 by Yatta

I never really got anything accomplished  this weekend. I guess you can say I was in a rut. I never left like do anything…. ok that it is not entirely ture. I knew admn well i wanted to get out of the house!!!
As usual  that never really happened… On Saturday I ended up going to work to clear up some work, that lasted for a whole 2-3 hours. Sunday I just basically did my usual routine wash and iron.
I must admit though it really is nice to be able to MOVE when u want when u want! Hopefully in the next upcoming months my weekends will be a little more entertaining or even productive.. this lazy shit not going to kick it at ALL!!!!!

Luv for German Ingenuity

Posted in Dub on Friday, October 27, 2006 by Yatta

Igodit has told me about his road experiences with his Bora. He would tell me that people treated him differently on the road, he got bly’s when he normally would not of , he got ‘Mawning Sir’ where he normally would have just gotten a nod; stuff like that was happening to him. I won’t lie at first I was chalking most of this up to interpretation…. igodit use to drive a Toyota Hiace, I think, from his last job, before he went with the FLOW, so he does have a feel for the road and it’s users.

The main reason I brought up that with Igodit was that while i was on the road today I ‘felt’ the VW luv, yeah laugh all you want but it’s there. I had my feel of it yesterday. Back in 2001 I luved my VW.. i still have the same luv for it 6 years later!!! Once I set it up the way i want I’ll luv it even more.

VW has some commericals out.. not specifically for the Bora/Jetta but I think to mainly promote the GTI series. They even have a little mascot called “MyFast” myfast.jpg

MyFast is the inner voice of the VW driver. I think they could have done better with this thing… but I expect they are trying to attract a new genre?!?! You may say why call it MyFast??!?!?! Obviously have never really driven a VW if you have to ask that? You get behind the wheel… and … MyFast takes over. Take a look at these commericals.

VW GTI Fast / Cop

VW GTI/ Girlfriend

I kind of like this one also…. having his girl in the car is just going to mess up his driving experience. MyFast like to keep things light….. LOL

VW GTI/ Take Out

as MyFast says in this one….. “Myfast think delivery is for the weak!” that is soo true…. Of course only those who have VW’s may think so lol

And the last one for the morning…..

Un-Pimp Your Ride

Damn look at the time?!?!?!?

Here is excerpt from a old article in BusinessWeek Online

Owning a VW is about liking to drive……. On the road of life, there are passengers and drivers,” ….. “Drivers wanted.”

You See Me Rolling………

Posted in Dub on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by Yatta

FINALLY I have my own set of wheels again!!!!! I can easily say I’m a Dubber now 🙂 The car runs sweeet…. it has a slight whistle to it I may have to check out, otherwise from that it’s great. I’ll post some pics hopefully by weekend.

Imagine themain reason why i neer even blogged last week was because i was too busy fretting if i was going to get the car or not. The loan officer did a tell me a BAG of foolishness. That time has passed and I have moved on, important thing is is that i have MY OWN car now. That is a nice feeling to have again. As i was driving in the car i see a few things i’m going to change out, not that i have mind you but to give the Bora a nicer look. Yes ppl, mi glad bag BUST right now.. and I’m man enough to admit it.

Sometime this week I’ll say what i’m goign to change up and what not…. too lazy to do that right now.

Giving FVWM a try…. Again

Posted in Linux on Monday, October 16, 2006 by Yatta

fvwm bannerI was going to just apt-get fvwm but i noticed the fvwm package was/is old. So I decided to compile from source. While I was compiling from source I came across a few errors upon compile.. so i knew i had to add a few packages.

sudo apt-get install librplay3 libdb3 libart2 gnome-bin gnome-libs-data gdk-imlib11-dev libgnome-dev

I was having a problem with getting GDK image support in FvwmGtk and getting GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk …. I headed over to #fvwm and i was lead down the correct path 😀 Go to … Now why didn’t i think of that??

checking for GDK IMLIB – version >= 1.8.0… yes
checking for gnome-config… no
checking for file in yes… not found

Which resulted in:

With GDK image support in FvwmGtk? no: Failed on gdk-imlib, see config.log
With GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk? no: Can’t find working gnome-config
So i then added some more packages

sudo apt-get install gdk-imlib11-dev libgnome-dev


With GDK image support in FvwmGtk? yes
With GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk? yes
a few hours later I load it up with a config file i found online (you may ask why use a config file u foun online?? if u saw default of fvwm you would not ask that question) It look nice and puurrrty.

BUT it’s not mine….. to really get the true beauty of FVWM you need to sit down and create what you want how you want it. To be honest i really dont have the luxury to mess with it like that.

I started out saying i wanted to have more control over my desktop, FVWM will allow you to do just that have control, that control comes at a price though…… a price i just cant really afford right now. 😦

Dub …. almost complete

Posted in General on Friday, October 13, 2006 by Yatta

I just got word that I should be able to pick up the car Tuesday/ Wednesday 🙂 Yea I’m happy!!!!

I am still a little weary of joining the ranks of gas buying, fitness  checking etc etc… BUT at least i should be able to go where I please. Today turned out to be a good day. The day I ACTUALLY drive out the car will be a even better day.

VW Driver once again

Posted in General on Monday, October 9, 2006 by Yatta

VW emblemYes I have been the owner of 2 VW’s previously a 2000 GLS Green Jetta and a 2002 Silver TDI Jetta. No you may ask WHY 2 cars…. well let me tell u…. the sort version that is. 🙂 I wrote the 2000 Jetta off because i fell asleep at the wheel driving from Atlanta to Ft. Peirce Florida in the wee hours of the night. Two weeks after that I  opted for another Jetta this time it was diesel though ( MAN did i get some mileage on that!!!!!) plus at the time i needed a car that was easy on gas.

I’ll be honest and say though i really like the Jetta… the first week I got it I was like “Yes!!” I’m keeping this car for as long I can… there will be no plans to upgrade anytime soon. I was that endowed with it… I’m not a big car fanatic so I cant give all the horsepower, torque an shit like but the car nice.

Alas do to circumstances out of my control BabyFace 3 (2002 TDI) was collected by the repo man grrr…. There is hope though 😀 I’m currently in the process of acquiring a 2002 Bora (European version of the Jetta). If you”ve ever see a VW commercial and wonder why they came up the logo “Drivers Wanted” there is a reason for it. Once you sit in a tuned up Jetta and drive…. ur hooked… nuff said. You will want no other vehicle. Right now i’m working to see if i can get the car by next week. (fingers crossed)

PS. Profound I’m right behind u in the vehicle department.