Friday nights

Friday nights shall be great….. yea it may not be a good thing to boost about but hey what the hell. It wont be ur typical going out and partying/drinking or whatever average joe’s  friday night…… nnnoooooooooooooo

What i’m talking about is you and ur TV tuned into Sci-Fi to watch 3 damn good shows back to back. That would be… Stargate SG-1 8pm, Stargate Atlantis  AND  Battlestar Galactica. I know I know… calm down…… try not to get overly excited tooo early now… hehehehe.

I have grown to really dig Battlestar Galactica the original season was short lived but i liked it. To see them  bring it BACK with a nice story that can go basically anywhere is hjust great. Now let me point this out though… BSG does come with it;s faults but they don’t outshine the show. You Have to watch it urself to find those faults 😀

Until friday…. “Mind Yuh  Frackin’ business.. and just do ur  work”

4 Responses to “Friday nights”

  1. just passing through. Saw your comment by my side of the world so thought I’d see yours. I agree about BSG….not too bad a show. Not really into the series thing but hey…

  2. i used to watch those three shows but i dunno what happened I just stopped.

    I need to catch up 😦

    You watch Star Trek TNG on G4?

  3. I remeber the Season Finale for that show… a great series gone :-(. But no.. i don’t watch it anymore.

  4. Yep beeing looking forward to this for months. Caught up on the webisodes (2.5) That was a good idea right there… cheveron locked.

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