VW Driver once again

VW emblemYes I have been the owner of 2 VW’s previously a 2000 GLS Green Jetta and a 2002 Silver TDI Jetta. No you may ask WHY 2 cars…. well let me tell u…. the sort version that is. šŸ™‚ I wrote the 2000 Jetta off because i fell asleep at the wheel driving from Atlanta to Ft. Peirce Florida in the wee hours of the night. Two weeks after that IĀ  opted for another Jetta this time it was diesel though ( MAN did i get some mileage on that!!!!!) plus at the time i needed a car that was easy on gas.

I’ll be honest and say though i really like the Jetta… the first week I got it I was like “Yes!!” I’m keeping this car for as long I can… there will be no plans to upgrade anytime soon. I was that endowed with it… I’m not a big car fanatic so I cant give all the horsepower, torque an shit like but the car nice.

Alas do to circumstances out of my control BabyFace 3 (2002 TDI) was collected by the repo man grrr…. There is hope though šŸ˜€ I’m currently in the process of acquiring a 2002 Bora (European version of the Jetta). If you”ve ever see a VW commercial and wonder why they came up the logo “Drivers Wanted” there is a reason for it. Once you sit in a tuned up Jetta and drive…. ur hooked… nuff said. You will want no other vehicle. Right now i’m working to see if i can get the car by next week. (fingers crossed)

PS. Profound I’m right behind u in the vehicle department.


4 Responses to “VW Driver once again”

  1. post some pics when you get it if posible

  2. Thanks for the comment, I love your blog.

  3. Another VeeDubber, well hope you get it soon man.

  4. Great site.
    I have a 2002 TDI just turned 100KM ( yes I CDN ) anyway, wondering if anyone knows about a stereo outage. Jumped into the car tonight and it was dead…..the fuse is ok and the rest of the power to the dash is good….Thanks.

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