You See Me Rolling………

FINALLY I have my own set of wheels again!!!!! I can easily say I’m a Dubber now 🙂 The car runs sweeet…. it has a slight whistle to it I may have to check out, otherwise from that it’s great. I’ll post some pics hopefully by weekend.

Imagine themain reason why i neer even blogged last week was because i was too busy fretting if i was going to get the car or not. The loan officer did a tell me a BAG of foolishness. That time has passed and I have moved on, important thing is is that i have MY OWN car now. That is a nice feeling to have again. As i was driving in the car i see a few things i’m going to change out, not that i have mind you but to give the Bora a nicer look. Yes ppl, mi glad bag BUST right now.. and I’m man enough to admit it.

Sometime this week I’ll say what i’m goign to change up and what not…. too lazy to do that right now.

One Response to “You See Me Rolling………”

  1. the cars so cooooolllll. :icon_cry

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