Luv for German Ingenuity

Igodit has told me about his road experiences with his Bora. He would tell me that people treated him differently on the road, he got bly’s when he normally would not of , he got ‘Mawning Sir’ where he normally would have just gotten a nod; stuff like that was happening to him. I won’t lie at first I was chalking most of this up to interpretation…. igodit use to drive a Toyota Hiace, I think, from his last job, before he went with the FLOW, so he does have a feel for the road and it’s users.

The main reason I brought up that with Igodit was that while i was on the road today I ‘felt’ the VW luv, yeah laugh all you want but it’s there. I had my feel of it yesterday. Back in 2001 I luved my VW.. i still have the same luv for it 6 years later!!! Once I set it up the way i want I’ll luv it even more.

VW has some commericals out.. not specifically for the Bora/Jetta but I think to mainly promote the GTI series. They even have a little mascot called “MyFast” myfast.jpg

MyFast is the inner voice of the VW driver. I think they could have done better with this thing… but I expect they are trying to attract a new genre?!?! You may say why call it MyFast??!?!?! Obviously have never really driven a VW if you have to ask that? You get behind the wheel… and … MyFast takes over. Take a look at these commericals.

VW GTI Fast / Cop

VW GTI/ Girlfriend

I kind of like this one also…. having his girl in the car is just going to mess up his driving experience. MyFast like to keep things light….. LOL

VW GTI/ Take Out

as MyFast says in this one….. “Myfast think delivery is for the weak!” that is soo true…. Of course only those who have VW’s may think so lol

And the last one for the morning…..

Un-Pimp Your Ride

Damn look at the time?!?!?!?

Here is excerpt from a old article in BusinessWeek Online

Owning a VW is about liking to drive……. On the road of life, there are passengers and drivers,” ….. “Drivers wanted.”

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