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Gaim Beta5…. but from source

Posted in Linux on Saturday, November 11, 2006 by Yatta

I was quite fine with Gaim beta3 for some while now… but i noticed it started to crash every time someone would try to send me a file?!?!?! At first that was cool cause not alot of people send me files. It was gettign annoying that WHEN someone does decide to send me file i have to restart Gaim. Here comes along Beta4….I tried to compile it but then something happened and i left it alone.
Now I’m back because beta3 is REALLLY getting to me now…. it’s crashing everytime i wanted to change my avatar. I headed over to Gaim’s website and lo and behold…. i see beta5. I know beta 5 is not in the repos so i’m just going to install from source and run with it…. once it is in source i’ll remove it. Here is what i did to get it up and running:

tar -jxvf gaim-2.0.0beta5.tar.bz2
sudo apt-get install libgnutls-dev libgtkspell-dev libperl-dev

I installed the gnutls-dev since i know MSN needs that to connect

cd gaim-2.0.0beta5
./configure ( you can do ./configure –help to see if there is anything you want disabled or anything)
sudo make install

PS… receiving files is working fine now 😀 also the ability to change avatars is there.



Posted in Dub, General on Thursday, November 9, 2006 by Yatta

(A little off topic but I’ve noticed this blog for the past few days has been about my car. Not that that is a bad thing but I guess it just says where my thoughts are right now.)

When i first got the car i had all these hopes on what i’m going to do with it; fix this, put in this, change this, etc. In thinking about all of that i think i lost where my priorities lie. That the car should be making my life easier… not harder. Now that I have come back to reality the main thing I’m going to do is get the car tuned-up. Not no fancy tune up but like i stated in my earlier post just some essential things need to make the VDub run better:

rear disc pads
Right hand side engine mount
breather house
air – oi l- AND fuel Filter (damn tha tis alot of filters)
Triple Tip Bosch Plugs

Getting all of those for the car is a must!!! After i deal with that though i need to start back on my savings. At least 3 months but aside in my savings account for a rainy day, part of my pay to go into my pension plan (when I become permanent) open a high yield instrument account that’ll be like 5-10% of my pay. I think though most importantly though is that I get that 3 month cushion back up again…. you never know what will happen in the future. This time around I intend to be ready, the bruk pocket unemplyed shit is not a nice feeling. I may not be able to do anything right away about the unemployment IF that happens but I DAMN sure can do soemthign right now about the money situation.

What does tha mean for the VDub?? The radio, amp, the interior fixing and some other minor things will be put on hold.
I just need to make sure I follow through on what I just said.

Unwanted Things

Posted in Dub on Monday, November 6, 2006 by Yatta

Well here are some pics of my 2002 Bora. Yeah it’s only been a few weeks of having the car…. but I really do like it.
dub_2.jpg dub_3.jpgdub_1.jpg

I just found out that there are some things I’m gonna have to fix/change:

This breather hose has GOT to change… it is KILLING my mileage!!!!!

I need to find out what the hell this is, and what does it do…. do I really need the cover???whatis.jpg

Right now to me it looks fine it just looks like a casing to something I’ll find out soon enuff.

I saw a mechanic earlier today so he could advise me what needed to be done to the Bora. He came up with a mighty list i must say.. but they all can be attainable:

rear disc pads
Right hand side engine mount
breather house
air – oil- fuel Filter
Triple Tip Bosch Plugs

Added to that i may need some kind of control module for one of my doors…. but i’ll see how that goes. With all of this said I can see where my money shall be going in the next few weeks. It looks like i want be able to get a Pioneer DEH-8600MP as soon as i wanted … but all in due time.
You know though…. I’m not the least bit concerned

I’m Surprised

Posted in General on Thursday, November 2, 2006 by Yatta

Now I know i really do like my Dub. I woke up this morning with all intentions to start walking (yea that same ol rass topic again); but I opted not to since looking at my car the night before. When I went to the car yesterday evening  to drive go home after work the car was a MESS!!!! Water and mud splashes on the car like maadd…. I mean how can you bling in a dirty ride?!?! LOL I see now with all the rain and stuff I really am going to invest in some mud guards… they should keep the splashes down to a minimum.

Back to the surprising part of this blog….. I woke up after 3am yep….. THREE AM, I guess my body figured that I had enough sleep… who knows. I had all intentions to go walk but I figured it was too early so after about being up  for like 30mins i went to lay down; shouldn’t have done that.. next thing i know it was  4:30am so i made a important decision… FRIG walking.. clean the DUB!! So 4:30am I’m here washing the car…. mind you there is no sun out… did i let that deter me?!?! NOPE!!!
I took some pics this morning but i left the cable for the camera at home so later i’ll post the pics.

I mean though…… i washed the car at 4:30 in the morning no sunlight?!?!?! What am i becoming?!?!?! It is so unlike me.

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