I’m Surprised

Now I know i really do like my Dub. I woke up this morning with all intentions to start walking (yea that same ol rass topic again); but I opted not to since looking at my car the night before. When I went to the car yesterday evening  to drive go home after work the car was a MESS!!!! Water and mud splashes on the car like maadd…. I mean how can you bling in a dirty ride?!?! LOL I see now with all the rain and stuff I really am going to invest in some mud guards… they should keep the splashes down to a minimum.

Back to the surprising part of this blog….. I woke up after 3am yep….. THREE AM, I guess my body figured that I had enough sleep… who knows. I had all intentions to go walk but I figured it was too early so after about being up  for like 30mins i went to lay down; shouldn’t have done that.. next thing i know it was  4:30am so i made a important decision… FRIG walking.. clean the DUB!! So 4:30am I’m here washing the car…. mind you there is no sun out… did i let that deter me?!?! NOPE!!!
I took some pics this morning but i left the cable for the camera at home so later i’ll post the pics.

I mean though…… i washed the car at 4:30 in the morning no sunlight?!?!?! What am i becoming?!?!?! It is so unlike me.

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