Unwanted Things

Well here are some pics of my 2002 Bora. Yeah it’s only been a few weeks of having the car…. but I really do like it.
dub_2.jpg dub_3.jpgdub_1.jpg

I just found out that there are some things I’m gonna have to fix/change:

This breather hose has GOT to change… it is KILLING my mileage!!!!!

I need to find out what the hell this is, and what does it do…. do I really need the cover???whatis.jpg

Right now to me it looks fine it just looks like a casing to something I’ll find out soon enuff.

I saw a mechanic earlier today so he could advise me what needed to be done to the Bora. He came up with a mighty list i must say.. but they all can be attainable:

rear disc pads
Right hand side engine mount
breather house
air – oil- fuel Filter
Triple Tip Bosch Plugs

Added to that i may need some kind of control module for one of my doors…. but i’ll see how that goes. With all of this said I can see where my money shall be going in the next few weeks. It looks like i want be able to get a Pioneer DEH-8600MP as soon as i wanted … but all in due time.
You know though…. I’m not the least bit concerned


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