(A little off topic but I’ve noticed this blog for the past few days has been about my car. Not that that is a bad thing but I guess it just says where my thoughts are right now.)

When i first got the car i had all these hopes on what i’m going to do with it; fix this, put in this, change this, etc. In thinking about all of that i think i lost where my priorities lie. That the car should be making my life easier… not harder. Now that I have come back to reality the main thing I’m going to do is get the car tuned-up. Not no fancy tune up but like i stated in my earlier post just some essential things need to make the VDub run better:

rear disc pads
Right hand side engine mount
breather house
air – oi l- AND fuel Filter (damn tha tis alot of filters)
Triple Tip Bosch Plugs

Getting all of those for the car is a must!!! After i deal with that though i need to start back on my savings. At least 3 months but aside in my savings account for a rainy day, part of my pay to go into my pension plan (when I become permanent) open a high yield instrument account that’ll be like 5-10% of my pay. I think though most importantly though is that I get that 3 month cushion back up again…. you never know what will happen in the future. This time around I intend to be ready, the bruk pocket unemplyed shit is not a nice feeling. I may not be able to do anything right away about the unemployment IF that happens but I DAMN sure can do soemthign right now about the money situation.

What does tha mean for the VDub?? The radio, amp, the interior fixing and some other minor things will be put on hold.
I just need to make sure I follow through on what I just said.


2 Responses to “Budgeting”

  1. just be thankful you have a car. All I have is a legs-us.

  2. Trust me I am thankful…. I’ve been running “10-Toe turbo” for quite some time now.

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