Gaim Beta5…. but from source

I was quite fine with Gaim beta3 for some while now… but i noticed it started to crash every time someone would try to send me a file?!?!?! At first that was cool cause not alot of people send me files. It was gettign annoying that WHEN someone does decide to send me file i have to restart Gaim. Here comes along Beta4….I tried to compile it but then something happened and i left it alone.
Now I’m back because beta3 is REALLLY getting to me now…. it’s crashing everytime i wanted to change my avatar. I headed over to Gaim’s website and lo and behold…. i see beta5. I know beta 5 is not in the repos so i’m just going to install from source and run with it…. once it is in source i’ll remove it. Here is what i did to get it up and running:

tar -jxvf gaim-2.0.0beta5.tar.bz2
sudo apt-get install libgnutls-dev libgtkspell-dev libperl-dev

I installed the gnutls-dev since i know MSN needs that to connect

cd gaim-2.0.0beta5
./configure ( you can do ./configure –help to see if there is anything you want disabled or anything)
sudo make install

PS… receiving files is working fine now 😀 also the ability to change avatars is there.


One Response to “Gaim Beta5…. but from source”

  1. installing this now.. when i’m finished i think i’m gonna take the edgy eft plunge tonight
    think it would finish updating by morning.. with my slow ass 300kb internet

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