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Just about done….

Posted in General on Sunday, December 31, 2006 by Yatta

Well the Christmas holiday has come and gone… As usual for the past few years it hasn’t really been much. I got a leather wallet and some socks that are to small for my size 12 feet.

I went on a country run with some Christmas weekend which was really at spur of the moment. Bartergeek told me about early friday morning stating that they were going…. after about 3secs I automatically asked if i can tag along. I am glad to say they said sure…. The frig part is that the previous week work was on the slow side but for some reason this holiday weekend friday things start to frig up. A server I maintain at works decides to act up… then about 15minutes later another system I deal with acts up. Why the hell did these 2 servers decide to act up NOW?!?! Long story shirt I fixed the problems we were having an was on my way.

I took BFiv short for BabyFace 4 [mkiv (Bora)] on Highway 2000 for the first time…. MAN OH MAN was that sweet…. Bartgerrk and I opened up our 4 wheeled baby on this long stretch of road and let them run!!!! I must be honest and say that at first i held back , mainly because I thought my car was changing gears properly (that’s whyim not to fond of automatic cars 😦 ). After get over that hump and pushing her furthe.. my baby purred like a tigresss!!! I couldn’t be prouder.

You can head over to Bartergeek’s blog and see how the weekend went. After the few runs on the highway BFiv wants to just run…. run like the wind, it ain’t run like the wind on these Kingston streets so i constantly have to keep it reigned.

You know i guess i can add to my Christmas present list…. MyFast just wants to get up and go because of the trip we had.


Weight Gone Up….

Posted in General on Thursday, December 21, 2006 by Yatta

While mucking around in PriceMart last night I saw a little youth using a scale to weight himself. He weighed about 85lbs…. So after he ran to his mother and told her how much he weighed i decided to try it also….I took a step closer to the scale and place one of my size 12 foot on the scale, as i did that and was slowly placing most of my weight on that one foot so i could place my second foot on the scale i saw the needle jump. The first thing that came to my mind was… “Is this thing going to make a complete 360 degree turn?” Alas it never did such a thing,…. it stopped….. it stopped at 273lbs!!!!!!!!!1

DAMNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! all that weight i lost prior to working at Flow I’ve gained back?!?! Which I knew already… so all this tells me now is that by April 1 2007 I will weigh at least 250lbs!!!!

You notice i say i WILL weigh?!?!? There is no IF!!!

Sleeper Cell….. Reality?!?!

Posted in General on Saturday, December 16, 2006 by Yatta

I just started watching Sleeper Cell: American Terror so far I’ve reached episode 3 season 1. I most say it is quite interesting. When you think about it… it is also quite scary. Here is a defination of a sleeper cell from wikipedia:

A sleeper cell is a cell of sleeper agents that belongs to a large national or terrorist organization. The cell “sleeps” (lies dormant) inside a population until it decides to act. In less common usage, a sleeper cell may also be a cell of covert operatives/spies, which similarly lies dormant until necessary.

To me what really makes this show different is that they are showing you what can REALLY happen, that we can no longer look for only middle eastern looking individuals that may be terrorists. The terrorists can be, Arabs, Englishmen, Americans (black, white whatever) along with everybody else out there. So far it’s no 24 BUT it seems watchable. Especially since i have no Heroes, Smallville or even SuperNatural to watch.

Been Awhile….

Posted in General on Friday, December 15, 2006 by Yatta

It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged… I think i can safely say it’s been over a month.

Well nothing much has changed, work still great; car running in decent condition BUT health/fitness…. ONCE AGAIN. I’m a big guy as people who know me can attest to… I’m getting too big, not jst big overall but just big in one place. My BELLY!!! I mean I have a beer belly and mi nuh drink….. wha dat?!?!?! I intend to change that… SERIOUSLY this time.

I’ve said that before haven’t I?? I WILL stick with it this time I can’t keep up like this. I’ve always been reading about writing down goals and whatnot BUT I’ve never actually written them down. I figured having them in my head should suffice. I’ve come to realize though

Some big  motivation speaker compares not having written goals to shooting at a target with a blindfold on. “How could you possibly hit a target you can’t even see?”. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably not going to end up anywhere! Action without planning is the number one cause of failure.

So i’m humbling myself this trip and writing down some long and short terms goals. Let me say this also the goals I have written are not only physical goals but personal and financial.

excerpt from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – Tom Venuto

“The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” When your larger goals are broken down into smaller parts and you focus on each little step one at a time, you won’t be overwhelmed. “By the mile it’s a trial, by the yard it’s hard, but by the inch it’s a cinch.” Take baby steps. Every step you take, no matter how small, will give you a feeling of accomplishment and keep your momentum going.

When you think about it it is soo true.

To start off… I work on the 4th of my workplace and from Tuesday i have not taken the elevator SINCE!!! Even after walking outside in the sun for some reason or another I would still just  WALK the steps. Yea it may not sound too big but hey its a start and plus it soemthign i never did to much off… Every mikkle mek a mukkle!!!

If you don’t know where you’re going, that’s exactly where you’ll end up …. nowhere!

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Christmas Time

Posted in General on Friday, December 15, 2006 by Yatta

I’m not too much into the holidays anymore and it’s been like that for a few years now. Right now it just come in like a day off from work and a evening to eat some good cooking (hopefully).

Should I be feeling some thing more? Not sure….. I just know that right now. This flippin month is the month that you end up spending the MOST money out of the whole year. Then cry about it January?!?!
Oh well…

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