Sleeper Cell….. Reality?!?!

I just started watching Sleeper Cell: American Terror so far I’ve reached episode 3 season 1. I most say it is quite interesting. When you think about it… it is also quite scary. Here is a defination of a sleeper cell from wikipedia:

A sleeper cell is a cell of sleeper agents that belongs to a large national or terrorist organization. The cell “sleeps” (lies dormant) inside a population until it decides to act. In less common usage, a sleeper cell may also be a cell of covert operatives/spies, which similarly lies dormant until necessary.

To me what really makes this show different is that they are showing you what can REALLY happen, that we can no longer look for only middle eastern looking individuals that may be terrorists. The terrorists can be, Arabs, Englishmen, Americans (black, white whatever) along with everybody else out there. So far it’s no 24 BUT it seems watchable. Especially since i have no Heroes, Smallville or even SuperNatural to watch.


2 Responses to “Sleeper Cell….. Reality?!?!”

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