Weight Gone Up….

While mucking around in PriceMart last night I saw a little youth using a scale to weight himself. He weighed about 85lbs…. So after he ran to his mother and told her how much he weighed i decided to try it also….I took a step closer to the scale and place one of my size 12 foot on the scale, as i did that and was slowly placing most of my weight on that one foot so i could place my second foot on the scale i saw the needle jump. The first thing that came to my mind was… “Is this thing going to make a complete 360 degree turn?” Alas it never did such a thing,…. it stopped….. it stopped at 273lbs!!!!!!!!!1

DAMNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! all that weight i lost prior to working at Flow I’ve gained back?!?! Which I knew already… so all this tells me now is that by April 1 2007 I will weigh at least 250lbs!!!!

You notice i say i WILL weigh?!?!? There is no IF!!!


One Response to “Weight Gone Up….”

  1. good luck man.. hard work and determination thats the way.

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