Just about done….

Well the Christmas holiday has come and gone… As usual for the past few years it hasn’t really been much. I got a leather wallet and some socks that are to small for my size 12 feet.

I went on a country run with some Christmas weekend which was really at spur of the moment. Bartergeek told me about early friday morning stating that they were going…. after about 3secs I automatically asked if i can tag along. I am glad to say they said sure…. The frig part is that the previous week work was on the slow side but for some reason this holiday weekend friday things start to frig up. A server I maintain at works decides to act up… then about 15minutes later another system I deal with acts up. Why the hell did these 2 servers decide to act up NOW?!?! Long story shirt I fixed the problems we were having an was on my way.

I took BFiv short for BabyFace 4 [mkiv (Bora)] on Highway 2000 for the first time…. MAN OH MAN was that sweet…. Bartgerrk and I opened up our 4 wheeled baby on this long stretch of road and let them run!!!! I must be honest and say that at first i held back , mainly because I thought my car was changing gears properly (that’s whyim not to fond of automatic cars 😦 ). After get over that hump and pushing her furthe.. my baby purred like a tigresss!!! I couldn’t be prouder.

You can head over to Bartergeek’s blog and see how the weekend went. After the few runs on the highway BFiv wants to just run…. run like the wind, it ain’t run like the wind on these Kingston streets so i constantly have to keep it reigned.

You know i guess i can add to my Christmas present list…. MyFast just wants to get up and go because of the trip we had.


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