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iPhone & LG KE850

Posted in General on Monday, January 29, 2007 by Yatta

I know this is old news but I figured i would still mention it. Everybody is talking about the iphone but what about the LG KE850?? From looking on the pic on this link … they are basically the same.
i’m thinking the LG would be cheaper since i don’t think it can boast that it is OSX compatible like the iPhone. No official specs I think have been released about it as yet but it seems like the iPhone has competition before it even fully leaves the gate.

While writing this I came upon a official link The Prada aka LG KE850 . In truth in fact though i think the iPhone will prevail if if just be name alone. People would rather IMHO spend many on Apple then on LG?!?!?!

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YouTube after “24”

Posted in General on Sunday, January 28, 2007 by Yatta

Ok I wrote long post about this piece of news but my laptop decided to freeze upon completion I can’t bother to re-write the whole thing.
Fox subpoenas YouTube after “24” clips posted
The post heading had you confused a little there don’t?? hehehehe
Fox should be more worried about HOW these episodes reach online in the first place. Come on now, how many of us 24 fans would have gladly jumped at the opportunity to watch 24 before the Jan 14 date?? I know damn well i would have IF i had known in was on YouTube. Well I really don’t think anything much will happen out of this, it does show though that 24 is very big success I think the bigger it gets the harder it will be to keep certain things hidden from some very ingenious fans.

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What Can I Say???

Posted in General on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by Yatta


2424 ……Where do I start? Few shows have made me really double guess what is REALLY going to happen. Right now as I’ve stated before this show, to me, is in it’s OWN category.

If you haven’t watched up to Season 5.. i would suggest you stop reading this because I’m aabout to spew out some spoilers!!!!

I just watched episode 5 and I was dumb founded. The man brother have something to do with the bombs? If you remeber we saw a glimpse of his brother in either season 4 or 5. What could the man have done to where your own BROTHER wants u dead? We also see that Jack’s brother is afraid of Jack…… he knows he is someone to really try an keep on a tight leash…. we all knwo that really isn’t possible with Jack.

Faed REALLLY hates america.. I mean to want to detonate 5!!!!! FIVE nukes in a one day?? Him nah waste no time……

Not doing too bad…..

Posted in General, Health on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by Yatta

From the last time I posted about my weight I have been walking minimum 3 days a week. I’m really trying to do at least 5 times a week but at times i just cant get it in. The good thing is though I feel like I am losing some weight it may be water weight BUT a few of my pants are fitting a likkle looser, which is nice.

After about 3 weeksI think I can say I have the walking done pact, now I need to work on using my bench some more. All this work to get in better shape… good thing is is that i know it’s worth it. Hopefully I can stop taking these blasted blood pressure pills I’m supposed to be taking.

Friday January 12, 2007

Posted in General on Monday, January 15, 2007 by Yatta

Friday started out as any regular day. Then came a co-worker with a issue. LAAWWWDDD all hell broke loose then. To keep a long ass story as short as possible it took approx 12hours for the issue to be rectified!!!!!

During that time my head was swarming…. I have to admit i was nervous as shit. The person I took over this position with will have a field day with me in the upcoming days. Since he saw how stressed I was. As a form of condolence he asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch, mainly because it was after 4 and I never ate a DAMN thing. Hey who would be hungry at a time like that? I know damn well I wasn’t.

If the secondary servers did come about I may not have been so down. NOOOOO they were afflicted with the same problems as the primary 😦 . I won’t lie though this has taught me a few things. This shit will not happen again…. I PROMISE.

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Death Gate Cycle

Posted in General on Friday, January 12, 2007 by Yatta

I noticed I haven’t even mentioned that I’ve been listening to this series. I started reading this series when I was in high school and needed a break from my school books. I have 4 paperbacks of the Death Gate Cycle, granted i can only find 3 😦 , that i have read and put down.

Many years ago, the powerful Sartan ended a war by sundering the world into four elemental realms, and imprisoned their enemies, the Patryns, in a 5th world: the labyrinth,
a self-aware prison that became lethally cruel. Shortly afterwards, the
Sartan mysteriously disappeared. Centuries later, the first Patryns
escaped the Labyrinth, and have just learned how to access the other
worlds. The books follow the fiercely independent Haplo, a Patryn agent
sent to scout the four worlds in preparation for conquest by his master.

One one of my scourges of the internet I found the audio books of this series. Within myself I was like HEY!!! You can finally find out what happened in this series. So i quickly got the books put them on the ipod and have been engulfed ever since!!! If you ride with me in my car 90% of the time i’m listening to it, when i walk in the mornings I’m listening to it, walking to lunch i have it in my ears. Is like I cant get enuff :D. It’s easier to listen to the books than read it… granted maybe not as educational but still entertaining.

I’m just about finished with book 4 Serpent Mage and it has thinking about how this series will really end. Well enough blogging time to finish this book before i actually do some work.

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Is it working?!?

Posted in General on Thursday, January 11, 2007 by Yatta

My boss, who hasn’t seen me for like almost a month I think, said to me it looks like i’m looking smaller. I must say that had made my day yesterday. Let me point out that the reason my boss hasn’t see me isn’t because I’m not at work it’s just that we really have no business seeing each other very often, I kinda a like it that way :D.

To know people may be seeing a difference in how I look is a nice motivator. SO i shall keep it up. I still haven’t set up the PVR to record Gilad a morning time so i can make some exercise tapes and use for when i can’t go walk.He’s one of the few people i can work to and feel decent.

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