Where’s the anime???

Ok I know where the anime is but…… umm…… I just haven’t been watching any 😦 . Don’t get me wrong I still like my anime but TV is slowly creeping in relinquishing anime from my visage. The good thing though is that I’m aware of what is happening :D.

Don’t worry my animated frends I have no forgotten you…. I just decided to take a little break.

I must say though it’s the PVR and the internet that has corrupted me, I no longer miss ANY of the show i want to watch i either set my PC to record them OR download them. 2 Show that have my interest whole-heartedly is 24 and Heroes. Like I’ve stated before Jack Bauer a BADDD MAAAANNN!!!!!

Ok enough blogging for now i need to update my to-buy list for BFiv.

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