Death Gate Cycle

I noticed I haven’t even mentioned that I’ve been listening to this series. I started reading this series when I was in high school and needed a break from my school books. I have 4 paperbacks of the Death Gate Cycle, granted i can only find 3 😦 , that i have read and put down.

Many years ago, the powerful Sartan ended a war by sundering the world into four elemental realms, and imprisoned their enemies, the Patryns, in a 5th world: the labyrinth,
a self-aware prison that became lethally cruel. Shortly afterwards, the
Sartan mysteriously disappeared. Centuries later, the first Patryns
escaped the Labyrinth, and have just learned how to access the other
worlds. The books follow the fiercely independent Haplo, a Patryn agent
sent to scout the four worlds in preparation for conquest by his master.

One one of my scourges of the internet I found the audio books of this series. Within myself I was like HEY!!! You can finally find out what happened in this series. So i quickly got the books put them on the ipod and have been engulfed ever since!!! If you ride with me in my car 90% of the time i’m listening to it, when i walk in the mornings I’m listening to it, walking to lunch i have it in my ears. Is like I cant get enuff :D. It’s easier to listen to the books than read it… granted maybe not as educational but still entertaining.

I’m just about finished with book 4 Serpent Mage and it has thinking about how this series will really end. Well enough blogging time to finish this book before i actually do some work.

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