Friday January 12, 2007

Friday started out as any regular day. Then came a co-worker with a issue. LAAWWWDDD all hell broke loose then. To keep a long ass story as short as possible it took approx 12hours for the issue to be rectified!!!!!

During that time my head was swarming…. I have to admit i was nervous as shit. The person I took over this position with will have a field day with me in the upcoming days. Since he saw how stressed I was. As a form of condolence he asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch, mainly because it was after 4 and I never ate a DAMN thing. Hey who would be hungry at a time like that? I know damn well I wasn’t.

If the secondary servers did come about I may not have been so down. NOOOOO they were afflicted with the same problems as the primary 😦 . I won’t lie though this has taught me a few things. This shit will not happen again…. I PROMISE.

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3 Responses to “Friday January 12, 2007”

  1. Sounds like my work :p

    I keep my cool though even when everything is burning down around me.. no need for early greys.

  2. U know I must admit I usually am cool.. not too sure what happened to me that time.

    Well I think i do know, Since I’m still new to the company I was worried about my position. Ohh well that has passed.

  3. yeh.. the tech field aint a nice place when everythign is melting down around you. you guys better cut the shit though cause my job depends on your job. i need internet always and it better be fast. yeh.. so there.

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