What Can I Say???


2424 ……Where do I start? Few shows have made me really double guess what is REALLY going to happen. Right now as I’ve stated before this show, to me, is in it’s OWN category.

If you haven’t watched up to Season 5.. i would suggest you stop reading this because I’m aabout to spew out some spoilers!!!!

I just watched episode 5 and I was dumb founded. The man brother have something to do with the bombs? If you remeber we saw a glimpse of his brother in either season 4 or 5. What could the man have done to where your own BROTHER wants u dead? We also see that Jack’s brother is afraid of Jack…… he knows he is someone to really try an keep on a tight leash…. we all knwo that really isn’t possible with Jack.

Faed REALLLY hates america.. I mean to want to detonate 5!!!!! FIVE nukes in a one day?? Him nah waste no time……


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