iPhone & LG KE850

I know this is old news but I figured i would still mention it. Everybody is talking about the iphone but what about the LG KE850?? From looking on the pic on this link … they are basically the same.
i’m thinking the LG would be cheaper since i don’t think it can boast that it is OSX compatible like the iPhone. No official specs I think have been released about it as yet but it seems like the iPhone has competition before it even fully leaves the gate.

While writing this I came upon a official link The Prada aka LG KE850 . In truth in fact though i think the iPhone will prevail if if just be name alone. People would rather IMHO spend many on Apple then on LG?!?!?!

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2 Responses to “iPhone & LG KE850”

  1. boo on the iphone and the lg.. if the google switch is real then it’ll kill them both.. i think my qtekk is sbetter than an iphone :p

  2. you know you are right, they are basically the same 😛
    see ya!
    +Molly Gray+

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