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Getting a decent puppy

Posted in Personal on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by Yatta

I can’t believe I’m going to do it…. BUT yes I am. I’m going to get a rottweiler/german sheperd puppy. We’ve had rottweiler’s mainly before… all together about 5 of them, the house has stayed relatively clear of ‘unwanted visitors’ of both the human and animal kind. After the last 2 died from screworm we’ve had like 3 mongrels that weren’t worth SHIT!!!!

After what has happened to my neighbor the other day i feel the urge to get back soem decent dogs. I’m no where CLOSE to being a dog lover BUT i do realise  where they can come in handy. This puppy will be MALE… when you have female dog alone in your house ALL the male dogs find way inna yuh yaad, I’m tired of that shit now!!! At the end of the day when we get rid of the good for nothing mongrel we have now.. we will have a mongrel puppy my sister got like 2 weeks…. grrr……..  and my puppy i should be picking up weekend.


Some ppl have some nerve!!!!

Posted in General on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 by Yatta

I guess you can say I live in a pretty decent area up in the hills of St. Andrew. My family were one of the first few people who lived in the area… at times i HATED that fact. It was hard to look for a drive up the hill after coming home from school.. you hackle to get on the bus then have to go rass walk so far to get home??!?!?1 Not pretty at all. When A card did pass u though 8/10 times it was someone you know or they knew you so you could sponge a ride :D.
Anyway on with the purpose of this post….
A neighbor down the round from where I lived almost got robbed yesterday during the day…. BROAD DAYLIGHT!!!! It’s not really shocking that someone would steal from someone else is just HOW they went about it. These same people just had a death in the immediate family and it was/is a trying time for them. Well in respect to Jamaican tradition, they had a nine night with friends and relatives. There was a neighborhood ‘fren’ who came to the nine night to so-call pay his respects. What he was actually doing was scoping out the place!!!
Yesterday it seemed to dawn on him that he needed reap the information he had sowed from the nine night. He noticed there were no cars in the yard so decided to go through one of the un-grilled windows of the house and see what he can pick up.

Little did he seem to know that the HELPER was there… at first she just saw 2 black feet… the helper thought twice because she recalled no one in the house have feet so black…. After calling after the 2 black feet and not getting a response she began to RUN after the intruder. Make a long story short they found out who the intruder was…. which was a local guy who walks around on the hill looking for various work to do. This same guy a few months ago mowed our lawn about 2 times but my people dem say him did start move to ‘fishy’ so he never cut our lawn again. He did tief 2 crate of bottles we had round the back but we left it alone.

I’m here thinking about getting 2 more dogs in the yard….. not mongrel… we’ve had mongrel and dem just eat and shit up di yard. At least the good breed dawg dem mek noise or even look intimidating to make people think twice.

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Underground Memory prob..[Solved]

Posted in General on Friday, February 23, 2007 by Yatta

As I’ve stated a few days ago I’m now running Underground Crossbow. I noticed after using it though there was a MAJOR battery drain on my MDA 😦 Where as I would have to charge the phone at least EVERYDAY!!! that just not workable I can’t remember to put my phone on charge EVERYDAY… plus it still relatively new where as I Shouldn’t have to do that.

I ‘googled’ for a bit and found out it has to do with my SD card…. yep SDCard. The power management for the card is turned off, which basically means the sd card is always enabled and at full power!!! Thanks mkara for that heads up.

If you like to enable the power management function of this driver change this key in the registery


Change the value from 1 to 0

Watch your battery come back to life…. hehehe

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Smoothwall on the way

Posted in General on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 by Yatta

I decided to get rid of my TorrentFlux machine.. well not get rid of the machine it self but I;m going to change up it’s role a little. It’ll mainly be for 2 reasons:
1. I hardly use it again (found something better)
2. My little sister is using the internet WAAAAYYYY too much. An she has exams coming up this and next year.

Yea I guess you can say I’m in big brother mode right now BUT there is no reason she should be up at 1-3am online…. I’m sorry i’m not buying ANY excuse to the contrary. Since my Speedtouch modem doesn’t have that type of fine control I decided to try out Smoothwall. For the main reason, I should be able to lock down the net to the upstairs PC at various times of the day/night. I know it may be overkill but hey I’m a big bro who notices his sister not listening to ppl when they talk. If it was my sister alone I would just take the cat5 cable BUT my father uses that PC also… and he is a miserable man… VERY miserable. Since he doesn;t use the PC that time of night I figured I can give this.

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Getting back …

Posted in General on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 by Yatta

I have really been slacking off in my *nix experimentation it has declined TREMENDOUSLY!!! I’m not sure if I can really say WHY I haven’t been messing around with it too much I just know I have. It’s so bad some basic stuff that like adding a route to an interface card I’ve forgotten?!?!?! Wassup with that?

I’m trying to redo some things… both mentally and physically. I’m getting to complacent as I am currently; make it worse I’m not all that happy where I am in my life. So things have to change, I’m not getting any younger.

I haven’t really walked in like 2 weeks (all because that DAMN Bahamas trip) I don’t call walking 1 day a week any walking. I walked yesterday morning and I walked this morning, I’m going to walk at LEAST 5 times a week. If I can’t walk in the morning to make up those 5 days I’ll walk in the evening. I WILL do it. I also am going to start using my weight bench some more… why do i say more while if i’m honest with myself I haven’t been using it at all. I won’t bother do lower body exercises with the bench and dumbbells just upper body, 2 miles a day should suffice for my lower half. My real/main concern is cardio. I’m tired of ppl asking me “you alright Ken? Why you breathing so hard?” they ask this while i’m SITTING down?!?!

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To keep ur car happy…

Posted in Dub on Saturday, February 17, 2007 by Yatta

Having a car does have it perks… I’ll admit that BUT dammit man. Even if the changes are cosmetic you’ll find yourself doing something to your car to make it run better or even look better. Either one of those choices cost money, some of the additions are NUFF money some are small, when you add up all the small material they too add up to NUFF money. So is like a no win situation.

I still have my car radio to buy and my speakers to fix/fit in the car BUT i still have some small engine stuff I need to deal with. Don’t get me wrong…. I like mi car, but the money i’m putting into it right now could be making money for me if it was in a MoneyMarket account or even CashPlus?!?!

I’m strongly thinking about putting some money in there for like a year or so put that into a DB&G account.

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WM6 …. Crossbow (Underground)

Posted in Computers & Internet on Thursday, February 15, 2007 by Yatta

Once again I’ve updated the rom on my MDA to a newer version that was put out there yesterday I think. The new rom is called Underground Crossbow this is WAY better then the pdaviet 3/4 version I’ve had for about 2 weeks. The main reason I was looking for a change was that I noticed I had some serious memory leaks. With approx. 50mb of onboard ram available to me I would always end up with only have like 9mb free?? I checked with Taylor to see what was his memory was like on his MDA… Lo ‘n Behold his was like about low 20mb…. I just couldn’t understand why mines was running so low. Even with only ActiveSync running on the ppc i would still only have 9mb free.

I did some searching, like I stated before, and came across the above mentioned rom. Being the adventurous type of person I am. I decided… what the hell!!! what else do I have to lose. I loaded it up and……… i;m quite happy with it. It’s alot faster then the pdaviet 3/4 I had; I can now see 24M free!!! Yep 24!!! I must say this this is FLYING!!!! It’s better than even the stock mobile rom i had.

One of these days I need to check out the various programs I can use in linux with a WindowsMobile 5/6.

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