new iPOD??

I’m at a cross roads to get a new iPod. The 4th Gen Photo 60GB iPod that i have is giving pure problems!!! from the time it had been stuck under the car seat from a few seconds I have to treat it like new born baby. ūüė¶

Even while it is playing and the pod moves to fast or something it pauses automaticall,¬† if it’s in my pocket and it justles a little too much… it pauses. Now if that was the only thing that was happening it wouldn’t be that bad…. BUT the freezing is KILLING¬† ME!!!!

Sad ipod and the Battery warning now plague my screen every now and then.¬† Pod dying …. When those icons reach my screen you’ll see me banging my iPod in my hands, everythign else i tried was futile, to get it back up and running.¬†


4 Responses to “new iPOD??”

  1. I would save my money and buy some other device.

  2. Main reason why i would still stick with iPod.. is mainly because of it’s after market products.
    Plus my head Unit I plan on getting works sweet with it.

  3. BUN DOWN IPOD!!! Microsoft for life.

    That being said- My Zen from way back is still alive dude- are you sure you don’t want to get the 60GB Zen? Drag and Drop videos,no conversion necessary. Longer Battery life etc.
    I have exited that market though- the Pearl does that too.

  4. booo.. on the pearl.. nice try black berry but you still not slick enough for me. the zen i agree on though.. its a pretty good mp3 player/video player.

    ipod sucks monkey balls especially with vista.. (its probably vista’s fault though.. so there goes your ms for life theory profound)

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