Over the Waters…. again

Here I am back in Bahamas… work related of course. Not sure if I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Bahamas is like a mini American without the lower prices but with the Caribbean weather.

This place is EXPENSIVE!!!! Or maybe I’m just extra cheap…. but I find it hard to buy a 20oz can of soda for $2.00 or $1.50. I shall be going to the supermarket later this evening and buying some stuff to somewhat curve my expense. Good thing this time is that I have a fridge in the room this time :D. I can buy my water/juice and keep them cool.

Last time i was here I staying at Nassau Beach Hotel it wasn’t bad BUT it wasn’t great either. While i was there my co-worker was dying to go to Atlantis on Paradise Island… me?!?!?! I really couldn’t care less. But he  wanted walk around and take pictures of the place. THIS time I’m actually STAYING on Paradise Island in the Comfort Suites. So Atlantis is right across the road from me… and I have access to all of them via some little pink paper.

Well Duty calls…

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