WM6 …. Crossbow (Underground)

Once again I’ve updated the rom on my MDA to a newer version that was put out there yesterday I think. The new rom is called Underground Crossbow this is WAY better then the pdaviet 3/4 version I’ve had for about 2 weeks. The main reason I was looking for a change was that I noticed I had some serious memory leaks. With approx. 50mb of onboard ram available to me I would always end up with only have like 9mb free?? I checked with Taylor to see what was his memory was like on his MDA… Lo ‘n Behold his was like about low 20mb…. I just couldn’t understand why mines was running so low. Even with only ActiveSync running on the ppc i would still only have 9mb free.

I did some searching, like I stated before, and came across the above mentioned rom. Being the adventurous type of person I am. I decided… what the hell!!! what else do I have to lose. I loaded it up and……… i;m quite happy with it. It’s alot faster then the pdaviet 3/4 I had; I can now see 24M free!!! Yep 24!!! I must say this this is FLYING!!!! It’s better than even the stock mobile rom i had.

One of these days I need to check out the various programs I can use in linux with a WindowsMobile 5/6.

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3 Responses to “WM6 …. Crossbow (Underground)”

  1. tell me if you begin to experience a problem with msn. Killasirrom had upgraded the underground and had to down grade to the the previous one “that i’m running” had some connectivity problems. I’m sticking with what i got till the final release of crossbow.

  2. I don’t really use MSN that much on my phone anymore. Nowadays I’m usually in front of a PC/laptop. Plus since agile is out of beta I use that IF i need to.

  3. You guys should get a Blackberry Pearl. It solves your googletalk problems without any change necessary.

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