To keep ur car happy…

Having a car does have it perks… I’ll admit that BUT dammit man. Even if the changes are cosmetic you’ll find yourself doing something to your car to make it run better or even look better. Either one of those choices cost money, some of the additions are NUFF money some are small, when you add up all the small material they too add up to NUFF money. So is like a no win situation.

I still have my car radio to buy and my speakers to fix/fit in the car BUT i still have some small engine stuff I need to deal with. Don’t get me wrong…. I like mi car, but the money i’m putting into it right now could be making money for me if it was in a MoneyMarket account or even CashPlus?!?!

I’m strongly thinking about putting some money in there for like a year or so put that into a DB&G account.

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2 Responses to “To keep ur car happy…”

  1. yup.. making money aint a bad thing at all man..

  2. yup.. car is just a drain on your pocket.

    If you view it as anything else you will be unhappy.

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