Getting back …

I have really been slacking off in my *nix experimentation it has declined TREMENDOUSLY!!! I’m not sure if I can really say WHY I haven’t been messing around with it too much I just know I have. It’s so bad some basic stuff that like adding a route to an interface card I’ve forgotten?!?!?! Wassup with that?

I’m trying to redo some things… both mentally and physically. I’m getting to complacent as I am currently; make it worse I’m not all that happy where I am in my life. So things have to change, I’m not getting any younger.

I haven’t really walked in like 2 weeks (all because that DAMN Bahamas trip) I don’t call walking 1 day a week any walking. I walked yesterday morning and I walked this morning, I’m going to walk at LEAST 5 times a week. If I can’t walk in the morning to make up those 5 days I’ll walk in the evening. I WILL do it. I also am going to start using my weight bench some more… why do i say more while if i’m honest with myself I haven’t been using it at all. I won’t bother do lower body exercises with the bench and dumbbells just upper body, 2 miles a day should suffice for my lower half. My real/main concern is cardio. I’m tired of ppl asking me “you alright Ken? Why you breathing so hard?” they ask this while i’m SITTING down?!?!

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One Response to “Getting back …”

  1. zeen.. get at it yute.. i throwing nix back on the old laptop.. but first i gotta do a bit of research.. i need to find out why my ttys didn’t work.. i need to find out why i cant switch displays between a tv and the notebook with function + f8 (i gotta restart my computer to do it ).. and thats about my main concerns.. I think i might install a 5gig or 10 gig partition of xp for other stuff. (though i really really really hate dual booting).. I’m trying to figure out all this stuff by the beginning of march so i can transition smoothly in the new month to ubuntu again. Also i think i need a new ubuntu sticker.. cuase i took off the old one when i installed vista.

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