Smoothwall on the way

I decided to get rid of my TorrentFlux machine.. well not get rid of the machine it self but I;m going to change up it’s role a little. It’ll mainly be for 2 reasons:
1. I hardly use it again (found something better)
2. My little sister is using the internet WAAAAYYYY too much. An she has exams coming up this and next year.

Yea I guess you can say I’m in big brother mode right now BUT there is no reason she should be up at 1-3am online…. I’m sorry i’m not buying ANY excuse to the contrary. Since my Speedtouch modem doesn’t have that type of fine control I decided to try out Smoothwall. For the main reason, I should be able to lock down the net to the upstairs PC at various times of the day/night. I know it may be overkill but hey I’m a big bro who notices his sister not listening to ppl when they talk. If it was my sister alone I would just take the cat5 cable BUT my father uses that PC also… and he is a miserable man… VERY miserable. Since he doesn;t use the PC that time of night I figured I can give this.

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2 Responses to “Smoothwall on the way”

  1. nice idea.. i guess when my lil bro’s of age i might try the same thing.. however i figure i need a home pc first. lol. only pc in the house is my notebook.

  2. You are a “big brother” for real, 1984 stylee… naw, just kidding, do what you gotta.

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