Underground Memory prob..[Solved]

As I’ve stated a few days ago I’m now running Underground Crossbow. I noticed after using it though there was a MAJOR battery drain on my MDA 😦 Where as I would have to charge the phone at least EVERYDAY!!! that just not workable I can’t remember to put my phone on charge EVERYDAY… plus it still relatively new where as I Shouldn’t have to do that.

I ‘googled’ for a bit and found out it has to do with my SD card…. yep SDCard. The power management for the card is turned off, which basically means the sd card is always enabled and at full power!!! Thanks mkara for that heads up.

If you like to enable the power management function of this driver change this key in the registery


Change the value from 1 to 0

Watch your battery come back to life…. hehehe

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