Getting a decent puppy

I can’t believe I’m going to do it…. BUT yes I am. I’m going to get a rottweiler/german sheperd puppy. We’ve had rottweiler’s mainly before… all together about 5 of them, the house has stayed relatively clear of ‘unwanted visitors’ of both the human and animal kind. After the last 2 died from screworm we’ve had like 3 mongrels that weren’t worth SHIT!!!!

After what has happened to my neighbor the other day i feel the urge to get back soem decent dogs. I’m no where CLOSE to being a dog lover BUT i do realise  where they can come in handy. This puppy will be MALE… when you have female dog alone in your house ALL the male dogs find way inna yuh yaad, I’m tired of that shit now!!! At the end of the day when we get rid of the good for nothing mongrel we have now.. we will have a mongrel puppy my sister got like 2 weeks…. grrr……..  and my puppy i should be picking up weekend.


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