I’ll admit it, I like Dreamgirls.

I finally sat down and watched Dreamgirls. Ok, maybe i wasn’t sitting down but hey I had clothes to iron and needed something to do to pass the time. A few people I know really didn’t care for Dreamgirls more or less they said it was too much singing and a little too long.

Well I liked the singing and the length never bothered me one BIT!! Hudson did the role justice. Even when she was doing American Idol I sort of preferred her over Fantasia but since she got kicked out Barrino got my vote as next in line.


And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is the anthem-of-the-scorned. Effie White, Jennifer, sang it with such emotion and passion I can’t help but feel the song also. Okay.. as you guys are reading this I can just imagine what is going through your head… but yeah I like musicals, I’ve always had, it’s nice to see a nice one come about and get so much acclaim.


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