Midnight…. I never chose it

Well I got my puppy… a male rottweiler/ german shepard. I still can’t believe it, ME who really never really cared for dogs went ahead and got one…. not even just got one but BOUGHT one?!?! As I’m getting older stranger things are happening i think :-/ . Ohhh well the damage is done. I was going to ask for a few name suggestions but as my sister saw him she asked if I named him. I said no cause I really had no clue what to call him. After about 5 minutes she blurted out…. Midnight. Mind you it was dark in the back yard when K saw him, but after thinking about it for a few seconds I was like okay.. go ahead he can keep that name. Right then and there she took the name of that dog out of my hands. I guess it was only fair.. I named her dog ‘Streaks’.

night_streaks.jpg midnight.jpgThis is Midnight and Streaks.

Midnight was/is a little shy it seems in his new home. There goes Streaks checking out the new Man-a-Yard. BTW sorry for the bad pics but these were taken from my cell phone.. knowing my sister she’ll be taking pictures later on for her memories.

As Midnight came on the scene he spotted food. Food that Streaks left behind…. and don’t wonder if Midnight never dealt with a matter on that. As he finished ate… he just went an found a little corner and huddled and slept.

5 Responses to “Midnight…. I never chose it”

  1. cute dog! the way you grumble about mutts every now and then i never thought u’d actually get one…guess that’s parental instincts taking over. good luck to midnight!

  2. take bigger pics. you used your qtek for that right.

  3. Well… I used the Qtek then I used Gimp to resize. I guess I resized too much. I’ll see if i can borrow my sisters camera during the week.

  4. […] tell I haven’t really been around to much… I’ve been online, just not blogging. Streaks, the mongrel looking one behind Midnight, was put to sleep last week Tuesday. She never really got […]

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